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Leonie Rhodes

Brisbane, Australia

"Leonie Rhodes is a Trans-Non Binary Trans disciplinary artist and DJ"
Leonie Rhodes is an award-winning Trans non-binary artist and facilitator from South London, now working from Brisbane on unceeded Jagera and Turrbal land .

Leonie works in a Trans-disciplinary practice space, resisting the boundaries of institutionalised art production. Influenced by the figurative and religious history of art, Graffiti and international underground counter-cultures, they make paintings, sculpture, performances, events and public participatory installations. Leonie uses public events involving collaborations with other artists and the general public as platforms for approaching issues of identity and marginalisation with awareness of greater intersectional systems, the archetypal and symbolic nature of those systems, and the history of diverse communities living within them. Their work has a therapeutic and political sensibility across mediums, utilising radical intimacy and care, while remaining contextualised in a subversive street practice.

They DJ as their alter ego, a cat called ‘Boom Boom Bean Selecta’ who is known for historically informed and thoughtfully mixed dance floor experiences.
Wescover creator since 2019

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