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Lee Mullican - Paintings and Art
Lee Mullican
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Lee Mullican

Santa Monica, CA

“Lee Mullican (1919 in Chickasha, Oklahoma – 1998 in Santa Monica, California) was a painter and art teacher, and an influential member of the Dynaton Movement. He moved to San Francisco in 1947, and was part of a 1951 exhibition called "Dynaton" held at the San Francisco Museum of Art. Mullican was a member of the UCLA art faculty from 1962 to 1990.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Mullican developed a practice of mapping both a quasi-mystical internal landscape and an external topography which he expanded in the decade immediately following the Dynaton period. If it is possible to identify a single perspective in the works produced during this period, it would be aerial and omniscient.
In 1953, Mullican wrote: “I am concerned with the essence of nature; its behavior, its contour and exploitation, as in the discovery of a new planet with its phases of light, growth, weather; of a world solid in its seasons—brittle in winter—transparent in summer; a vista built for meditation—the air being important—shock being replaced by contemplation and a radiation of a wave and a plain …” “