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Laurel Swenson

Vancouver, Canada

"Expressive abstract painting that highlights brushstroke, mark-making, and texture of the living energy of paint and the painting process."
Laurel is a Vancouver-based abstract painter with a studio in the big, heritage warehouse building chock-full of artists called the Parker Street Studios.

Laurel abstracts both the tangle of our emotional storms and our calm inner seas into paint, colour, pencil and charcoal marks and, of course, texture. Her paintings are most known for their rich textures, expressive marks, and use of colour. Laurel is particularly interested in the themes of transition, struggle and growth, and is inspired by human development, psychology, and her experience working in her role as a counselling therapist in private practice. These paintings celebrate the value of struggle in our very human lives.

"Life is naturally full of ups and downs, sparkles and sparks, and bumps and grinds. My paintings reflect the ongoing storms of life while simultaneously providing a respite — yes, these paintings provide a rest from the tumult of life. The very act of looking, of considering, of contemplating is restful to our very being. We humans are drawn to looking, to seeing, and to seeking to understand. We are naturally Intrigued by looking for patterns, marks, and meanings. I make paintings that ask you to dwell on your emotional experience of looking and noticing what you see and feel. Paintings request your stillness while you take them in and that you find your own meaning."
Wescover creator since 2019

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