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Laura Dro


Laura Dro is an artist and textile designer who was born and raised by the sunny Atlantic Beaches of Florida. Her love of the colors of the perfect day at the beach are reflected in all her original paintings, prints and patterns.
With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Florida, Laura has developed a style of painting that has continually grown to be recognizable. With artwork and patterns across the country, Laura has landed several huge clients that use her artwork such as Nordstroms, Homegoods, Land of Nod, Staples, My Custom Case, Shop Ten 25, Society Social, Fifth & Castle, and other amazing retailers and shops.
“I draw inspiration from home textiles, interior designers, colorful floral arrangements and even from vintage photographs. Anything that catches my eye with a unique color palette I am able to apply in all my artwork.”
In Laura’s latest collection of paintings, she uses traditional Southern beach icons such as pineapples, birds, palm frawns, and floral arrangements painted with a modern expressionistic technique. Dro’s artwork is a breezy and fresh style that feels eclectic and dreamy.
“I want each painting to have the perfect color palette, something that will remind you of the perfect day at the beach during the summertime.” -Laura Dro
Wescover creator since 2020

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