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Laura Bernstein

Brooklyn, NY

I am a multidisciplinary artist, using sculpture, painting, video, installation, and performance to reflect on human and animal behavior, alternative histories and mythology, and the grotesque. My current work draws from illustrations and descriptions found within ancient and medieval bestiaries. The half-human, half creaturely forms confuse distinctions between the domestic and the wild, between the real and the imaginary, between the past and speculations about the future, and interrogates the question: ”What makes something human?"

I graduated from RISD, with a BFA in Sculpture and received an MFA from Upenn, with a Certificate in Time Based Media. I am currently working in Brooklyn, NY. Past residence includes Sharpe Walentas Studio Program, Brooklyn, NY (17-18'), Artist in The Market Place, Bronx Museum of Arts ('17), The Lighthouse Works, Fishers Island NY (16') and Vermont Studio Center Fellowship (13').
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