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Larry Halvorsen

Seattle, WA

"Black and white ceramic Art featuring the ancient technique of sgrafitto."
I am fascinated by the earliest art of mankind including stone tools, ritual objects and the earliest pottery. The decoration of everyday utilitarian objects is a concept I am drawn too. These inspirations and a lifetime of playing with line and pattern laid the foundation for my role as a contemporary object maker with reverence and respect for those who came before. My current focus is work for the wall, small tables and my first explorations the face as well as my ever evolving functional work. My pieces are created using a combination of hand building techniques as well as the potters wheel for production work. The predominate characteristic of my work is the use of the an ancient technique of sgrafitto which involves carving through colored slip coating to reveal the clay below, in my case a black slip and white stoneware clay
Wescover creator since 2020

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