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Labiche Woodworks

Boston, MA

Based in Boston MA, Labiche Woodworks is a purveyor of fine handmade furniture from designer and maker Ian Labich.

In 2013 I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a renewed passion for trees, wood, and the process of making a piece of furniture. Inspired by the catharsis I found in making furniture, I strive everyday to build pieces that exhibit the natural beauty wood offers.

Furniture design is a process of preservation as much as it is creation. From the moment a tree falls, it is my intent as a maker to pay homage to the loss: to preserve the soul of the tree. In that pursuit I utilize live-edge slabs and wide board lumber whenever possible, as they retain more of the original character of the tree they came from. This pursuit also minimizes waste, an important part of protecting as much of the tree's original form.

My designs are a combination of the lumber's own voice and my intent with the piece: a collision of the natural forms provided to me and my own geometric aesthetic. Inspired by the American Arts and Crafts and Studio Furniture movements, my pieces tend to consist of simplified forms in an attempt to unite hand-craft and natural inspiration.
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