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Kylea Borges - Linens & Bedding and Rugs & Textiles
Kylea Borges
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Kylea Borges

Oakland, CA

Kylea Borges was born and raised on the central coast of California. Most of her early years were spent camping in big sur or backpacking in Yosemite while acquiring an appreciation for nature as it was meant to be experienced.
At a young age, Kylea started experimenting with collage with the influence of her grandmother and played with it on and off through the years. As an avid collector of vintage and antique objects, she works mainly with old images and papers. Her work with fibers and clothing construction have contributed greatly to her paper treatments and textures.
In her current works, the artist brings together her observations from nature and textiles and marries them in an elegant marriage of natural geometry. Kylea has lived and worked in San Francisco for the ten years. She is self taught in the field of fine arts, taking much of her inspiration and skill from her education in textiles and design.

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