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Kole Trent

Cocoa Beach, FL

"Please take my work and use it to spread the peace, love, and happiness that this world so desperately needs."
They say writers see their work as art , and it is. I see my Art as Life… MY Life. The pieces I create are my truest interpretations of my personal seeing, thinking, feeling, breathing, Real LIFE! My name is Kole Trent, and I want You to know Me… I am a young artist born in 1996, who grew up primarily, and still resides in Florida. Growing up in Cocoa Beach, my first love quickly became surfing. At age 16 I picked up my first paint brush and set my heart and eyes upon a blank canvas. With the waves still under my board, and a paintbrush in hand, I have merged these two loves into the life I am currently living and sharing with you through every piece of art I create.
The pieces I create come from so deep within me that define them as the very essence of Who I am. I have been blessed with many gifts in Life, but the gift I cherish most is the gift I’ve termed “True sight”. I see the true beauty of this world through vibrant colors, the magnificence of nature, through Love and Peace that can and does exist if we embrace it, through kindness and serenity, through lightness of heart and soul, through smiles passed amongst us. This kaleidoscope of Life is what I put into every wave I ride, and every brushstroke that touches my canvas. I would love nothing more than to continue to give back to those in need and continue bringing light to this dark world. This is not only my life’s passion and work… This is Me… Great to meet you!
Wescover creator since 2020

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