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Kurt Black Art

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Originally a Perth boy, He made his way to the Sunshine Coast via extensive travel in The Top End and The Asia Pacific as well as parts of Europe. He spent ten years in Brisbane in the entertainment industry and then moved to the Sunshine Coast to start a family. His creative expression found a voice in poetry and he published a collection of contemporary verses under the pseudonym of Kurt Black (Vice Journey, 1999). Painting and sculpture is a very recent extension of his writing practice, although he has always been interested in mark-making and the visual arts more generally for many years.

Kurt is an abstractionist. His imagery is both an emotional and cerebral reaction and connection to place, and to the mystery, and to spirit. At times iconic, each painting is the product of construction and deconstruction. He loves to build a surface and tear it down, leaving a scarred surface. He works mostly with enamel and synthetic polymer paint on wood panels. His sculptural work marries opposite materials to make three-dimensional metaphors. He is interested in the friction between materials; often he scours an oil-based surface using water in the hope that he can arrest the essence or capture the creative energy.
Wescover creator since 2020

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