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Kristopher Kirkpatrick

San Diego, CA

"We specialize in luxury furniture commissions and art installations made from the highest quality live edge timber in the world."
Kristopher Kirkpatrick is a California grown artist who pioneered the resin and wood table movement. His pieces seamlessly combine classic live edge furniture techniques with modern state of the art epoxy resins, creating striking and vibrant designs inspired by the flowing waters of nature. Introducing the feeling of movement and creating visual tension are the signature attributes of a Kristopher Kirkpatrick designed table.
With a deep respect for the environment that provides not only inspiration but materials for his tables, Kristopher uses naturally felled and sustainable wood(s) from his extensive network of premium suppliers to hand select the perfect slab to create each of his works. Completing each table with a custom crafted base or leg set is done “in house” as well to ensure continuity in design. Working in a “by commission only” basis allows each table to be tailored specifically to customers’ needs.
With creations ranging from display stands to compliment a special piece of art, 25’ long single slab conference tables, unique water feature dining tables and one of a kind art pieces, Kristopher Kirkpatrick Designs continues to lead in the field of upscale resin furniture.
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