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Kristin Cooney

Atlanta, GA

"I look for hints of glamour on the everyday and translate that into my work to make your rooms beautiful!"
Kristin Cooney, an Atlanta-based, self-taught artist, surrounds herself with joy every day. Whether the company of her family, the beauty of nature, or glimpses of elegance in everyday life, her areas of inspiration are reflected in her colorful artwork. She works in oil and acrylic on canvas, using many applications of paint to get the desired effect of either soft abstract compositions or loose figures. Her female figure paintings evoke a sense of glamour and luxury while her abstracts reflect her colorful and lively spirit. She paints with an elegance fitting for any style of interior design.

"Everyday there’s a another moment of happiness, spontaneity, or warmth that urges me to capture that feeling in a painting. I also find elegance in the human figure and love to express that beauty in my paintings. My obsession with mid-century fashion photos helps feed the inspiration for my work, whether it's the elegant clothing or the bright colors".
Wescover creator since 2020

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