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Opglabbeek, Belgium

"kreon purity in light"
kreon is an international organization manufacturing architectural interior lighting products (lighting tools) and complete metal ceiling solutions, creating contextually appropriate systems within an increasingly changing world.
Committed to excellence since 1982, the premise for kreon’s design is a very clear, characteristic visualization of the company’s philosophy: purity and simplicity. Wherever possible we draw upon pure three-dimensional architectural forms, highlighting the essential and extracting the structural minimum.
kreon offers timeless and innovative lighting concepts, initiating a dialogue with and between architectural structures. The collection includes an array of downlights, uplights and sidelights which blend harmoniously into ceilings, floors and walls. We always respect the recessed position of the light source, creating comfortable warmth and preventing unpleasant glare.
Our lighting concepts are implemented by architects, designers and engineers during the planning stages of the design process and in a variety of environments.
Typical applications include residential, hospitality, retail, display and office interiors.
Architects and light planners are our major clients.
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