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KRAY Studio by Rita Kettaneh

Beirut, Lebanon

"KRAY Studio is an emerging furniture brand that seeks to make the experience of owning furniture more meaningful and beautiful. Our vision is for you to connect with the pieces of furniture so your home starts resonating with you and becomes a space of discovery and restored vitality. We introduce a new kind of luxury, that is socially aware, spacially smart, all the while being fresh and contemporary. Designed by Rita Kettaneh, our high end pieces are produced by collaborating with local fabricators and craftsmen to preserve the authenticity of the craft and the delicateness of the human touch."
Rita Kettaneh designs furniture that is unique, playful and meaningful. She seeks to make the experience of owning furniture an inspiring one where pieces evoke an emotion within their users and tell a story that is personal to each one of them.
With an engineering foundation, an entrepreneurial specialization, and experience in marketing and design, she brings in a multitude of perspectives when designing her products. Rita won multiple A’ Design Awards for her designs and she has participated in exhibitions in Como, Beirut, Dubai, and Berlin.
Wescover creator since 2021

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