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Koryn Rolstad - Sculptures and Art
Koryn Rolstad
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Koryn Rolstad

Seattle, WA

“The public art installations Koryn Rolstad have produced are interactive and site-specific with the intent to convey a community voice and iconic appeal. Combining the philosophies of art and design construction, Koryn uses strong forms, images and lighting to emphasize architecture and natural surroundings. Koryn Rolstad has a detailed history of installing works in public buildings, plazas and streetscapes. The installations are fun, educational and pertinent to their architectural "home" and "sense of place," reimagining public spaces to provide communities’ opportunities for connectivity and interaction. Her criterion remains the same throughout: "that the enjoyment and impact of the installations relate to the people who visit, work and interact with the environment.

Koryn Rolstad's background in architecture, engineering and fine arts has to lead to a philosophy that utilizes architectural forms along with an extensive exploration of materials, technologies and imagery. Through inquiry she develops an understanding of the community culture to fulfill the intent of the project. Using strong forms, images and lighting develop a unique, relevant visual language.”