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Huelva, Spain

"All my works are painted with spray cans."
Konestilo is the pseudonym of Victor Romero Toscano, a natural artist from Huelva who started in the world of graffiti in 2007. Born on December 4, 1989, he was always in love with painting and sculpture, since he was a child It shaped small pieces of plasticine, painted on cardboard, newspapers, etc.
After finishing the artistic Baccalaureate he studied graphic design and interior decoration. Make interventions linked to architecture collaborating with a local studio.
Currently focused on realism as a pictorial technique and using sprays as main materials, he focuses his work in Huelva, his city, although he has also made interventions in many parts of Spain and abroad, as in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Greece.
He has made exhibitions in the Provincial Museum of Huelva, in the Casa Colón de Huelva, in the Exhibition Hall of the Caja Rural del Sur and in the La Ecléctica exhibition hall.
The color and graphics to wake up a sleeping city, to resurface unstructured neighborhoods, to join architecture and painting, to connect people.
Wescover creator since 2019

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