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Koh -Varilla Guild

Chicago, IL

"Classic Realism inspired by the great masters of the Ancient World, the Renaissance, and the Baroque."
Jeffrey Varilla and Anna Koh Varilla are a husband and wife sculptor team that has been working on public monuments for about twenty five years. Stylistically, their work reflects a passion for ‘Classic Realism”. They have produced religious and secular works for many locations around the country and overseas. Their goal as artists is to incorporate the artistry learned from the great masters of the past with the visions and aspirations of our society today. They believe that an important role of art is to communicate with the public. As professional artists, they closely work with their clients, architects, and foundries. They believe that a work of public art is a great responsibility and that it should harmonize with the environment, clearly communicate ideas to the viewer, and should reflect the sincerity of the artist. They are Fellows at the National Sculpture Society.
Jeffrey H. Varilla of Chicago, Illinois majored in art history at the University of Iowa and after two years transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his BFA in painting. After graduating, he briefly returned to the Art Institute to study sculpture. It was in the sculpture department where he met his future wife and sculpture partner, Anna Koh Varilla.
Anna Koh Varilla was born in Seoul, South Korea. When she was twelve years old, she was chosen along with one hundred twenty students from all over South Korea to study at Ye Won Fine Art School.
Anna later enrolled in the Hong Ik Art University where she received a BFA in sculpture. She later enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated with another BFA.
The monuments they’ve created together have been seen in various regions of the United States and also in South Korea and England. The Dr. Martin Luther King Monument in Austin, Texas, Soldier Field Veterans Monument in Chicago, the Vice President Humphrey Monument in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Tribute to Jack Nicklaus in Dublin, Ohio, and the Mayor Hudnut Monument in Indianapolis are a few examples of important works they’ve created over the years. In year 2014, when Pope Francis visited Seoul,Korea, their Korean Pieta, which was part of the celebration, was dedicated by Cardinal Yum. Anna and Jeff won numerous nationwide competitions over the years. In 2016, Anna and Jeff won a nationwide competition for a Col. Neilson monument. It was dedicated on July 9, 2017 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
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