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KL Interiors/Keith Lichtman

New York, NY

Keith Lichtman’s entire life has been one continuous, creative adventure. At the age of 10 he began serious training as a competitive figure skater. Years later, at age 21, he culminated his young career as the U.S. National Junior Figure Skating Champion. Immediately after winning the U.S. title, he continued as a choreographer where his work was performed in numerous national and international competitions by some of our country’s leading figure skaters. His keen eye for coordinating shapes, movement, and overall composition gained him recognition in his field.

Creativity and “thinking outside the box” has been a way of life for Keith. Upon discovering a virtually raw space in a 100-year-old brownstone in Boston’s historic Back Bay, he envisioned how he could transform the space into a spectacular residence for himself. This conversion process sparked his interest for a new career in design. Deciding to parlay his aesthetic senses and his passion for interior design on a full-time basis, Keith was accepted at The New York School of Interior Design on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where he began his formal training. His keen intuition and unusual sensitivity to all things visual propelled him to the head of the class.

While still in design school, he was hired by the highly recognized Sills Huniford Associates, where he shopped for fabrics and furniture for distinguished clients. He was then discovered by Thomas Jayne Studio and hired as a senior designer, running high profile projects for an additional two years. As a leader and natural “creator,” Keith then decided to open his own business, KL Interiors. With numerous projects already to his credit he continues to use his aesthetic sensibilities, working his magic and breathing life and beauty into each new space he designs.
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What’s unique about your work?

"I run a boutique, full service interior design firm and am hands-on involved with every portion of each project. I am "uber-focused" on every detail!"
KL Interiors/Keith LichtmanKL Interiors/Keith Lichtman

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

"There are always surprises with renovations in particular. It could be pipes unexpectedly blocking space behind a wall when trying to recess a cabinet, floor tiles broken in transit, or back-ordered fixtures whose delivery date keeps getting delayed. The key is to resolve each and any obstacle that pops up ASAP....and proceed with barely missing a beat!"
KL Interiors/Keith LichtmanKL Interiors/Keith Lichtman

How did you discover Creators (designers, artists, makers, etc.) and keep your community growing?

"To keep my business running efficiently, I have an extremely in-depth source/vendor list I work with and am always adding on. I have specialty and artisan vendors, designer showroom sources, retail sources, and so much more."
KL Interiors/Keith LichtmanKL Interiors/Keith Lichtman

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