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Kitt Bennett - Street Murals and Public Art
Kitt Bennett
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Kitt Bennett

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne-based artist Kitt Bennett paints large (very large) illustrative murals on an unconventional surface: the ground.

He is specializing in figurative illustration and large scale murals. He is interested in the interconnected nature of the universe, with inspiration from his surrounds his figures are often contorted in fluid shapes to convey motion vividly. Kitt's stirring, graphical murals have a particular resonance on paved parking lots, sprawling across urban spaces.

His most recent adventure combined his art with aerial photography to craft the world’s most massive independently created piece of “Gif-iti”. The work, crafted by Bennett alongside collective Juddy Roller, features 10 human figures that craft a “perpetually tumbling” scene when viewed in sequence.

Inhabiting a colossal 9000 sqm of disused waterfront ground space at Port Melbourne’s Fisherman’s Wharf precinct, the project took Bennett 30 days to complete; using 700 litres of paint to compose the work which comprises a series of 10 individual 30-metre-long figures. The size and form of this mural is unprecedented – four times the size of the previous holder of the title, (which clocks in at 27 storeys high) this mural has taken over the equivalent of 90 floors-worth of ground space.

Painted using only Taubmans acrylic and Monarch Painting rollers and brushes, and made possible thanks to the kind people at Independent Cement and Lime.