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Kirill Bergart - Paintings and Art
Kirill Bergart
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Kirill Bergart

Los Angeles, CA

"Kirill Bergart is an artist and designer residing in Los Angeles.

Since his childhood in Ukraine, his affinity for art and architecture has lead him through several mediums of creativity such as painting, graphic design, photography, merchandise directing and, most recently, furniture and interior design.

After several years of merchandising for major retailers, Kirill decided to dive into smaller projects and companies where he had the creative freedom to incorporate several of his interests through one outlet. Within the last year, Kirill has taken a step further when he opened up his first brick and mortar location, County Ltd., in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Kirill's main focus is designing, sourcing and curating one of a kind objects for County Ltd. and his smaller design project Counter-Space. He's worked with interior designers, artists, and photographers and publications to stage interiors and art provide art direction for various projects both locally and overseas."