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Kinuko Imai Hoffman

New York, NY

Kinuko Imai Hoffman is a contemporary artist working in abstract form and texture. Born in Kyoto, she hails from a family of architects and artists. After college, Kinuko lived in countries across Asia, studying traditional Chinese brush painting. Initially, she trained in Song Dynasty style. Later, she studied the freer abstract technique of the southern style in Hong Kong.

In 2003, Kinuko moved to New York City where she first encountered Western style painting. She studied at the National Academy School of Fine Arts and explored still life and landscape painting in oil. In 2009, Kinuko joined the Art Students League of New York and focused on abstraction with mixed media.

Originally trained in the highly skilled art of Chinese brush painting, her multicultural journey led her to seek a freer form of abstract expression. Today she works with acrylic and limited palettes in a signature style that blends traditional brush painting techniques with abstract overtones. Her art layers colors, textures, and materials to convey her message of serenity, balance, and lucidity. Kinuko incorporates a very structured process by adding elements to canvas and taking them away one by one until a finished piece emerges.

Kinuko currently works and resides in New York City.
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