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Kinga Maziuk


"tropical art"
My name is Kinga Maziuk and I am a artist from Poland who loves discovering the unknown, introduces creative energy to the walls of many interiors. When I paint, I show my full of emotions and present the beauty of the earth through the eyes of the imagination.
I am inspired by nature: tropical resorts, themes of travel, unique aerial photography of the earth, unique places in the world. I believe that the combination of vivid colors, contrasts and a note of abstraction in the paintings will emphasize positive energy from the world around us.

I offer fine art prints in my art shop and also project paintings for indyvidual orders. The details in the picture are not only identified with my vision, but also with the vision of the client whom I create. It's amazing that authentic stories are immortalized on a piece of canvas.

Thank you for being here! And please, don't hestitate to contact me with any questions you might have.
Much love,
Kinga ❤
Wescover creator since 2020

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