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Kin Dose

Bristol, United Kingdom

Nick Harvey (aka Kin-Dose), a Bristol-based street artist, specialising in large scale murals as well as air brush and other more traditional painting mediums. Growing up in London, Nick pursued his interest in street art whilst honing his technical skills studying Fine Art. Drawn to Bristol by its creative atmosphere, Nick’s work is now fast becoming a recognisable feature of Bristol's street art scene.

An exceptionally experimental artist & technically brilliant with the ability to work in many styles, as Kin-Dose artistic career is developing he feels he is on the cusp of truly delivering a style very much personal to him.

He began his career predominantly focused on the use of stencils, combining the subject of nocturnal animals with a graffiti influenced aesthetic. In recent years both his commissioned and personal work have moved into the realms of photo realism, and although still regularly working with animals as a subject matter, there is now more often a human element noticeable in his work.
Wescover creator since 2019

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