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Kim Power - Street Murals and Public Art
Kim Power
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Kim Power

New York, NY

"Born into the late 60’s era of psychedelic art with a neighbor who practiced batik, Kim Power developed an early love for decoration and an intuitive feeling for color.

She studied painting and drawing at James Madison University where she discovered the art of dying fabric through direct and indirect methods. Using these techniques in combination with the traditional forms of embroidery and quilting, she developed a personal language of narrative imagery in fibers.

These methods gave rise to her creation of “Story Boxes” in which she combined symbols of alchemy with fairytales and dream imagery. Early impulses to employ figures, inspired a body of work titled, “Women in Transformation”, in which she invented a biography for each female entity within the context of a mythological landscape.

Finding the need to expand her visual vocabulary, Kim then studied oil painting through private classes, later achieving an MFA degree in painting from the New York Academy of Art.

Her current body of work embraces both her understanding of pattern and decoration and figuration in a hybrid of visionary expression, which challenges views on form and flatness. Inspired by early works of Byzantine tapestries and contemporary Street Art, she combines layers of imagery, which are interwoven in a technique of subtraction through addition, describing a personal narrative with mystical overtones."

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