Kilos - Street Murals and Murals
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Porto, Portugal

"Street Artist, Illustrator and Designer"
KILOS was born in 1998, in Porto (Portugal). He is currently on the third year studying Graphic Design in ESAD (Matosinhos). His first experiments with graffiti were performed on the street and in abandoned places, at the age of 16. Since then he has endeavoured to perfect the spray technique. If he liked the paper, he loved the wall. The next year he had his first paid job as a graffiter. He has paintings in several points of the city of Porto, some in Lisbon and Barcelona, and also painted in London during his ERASMUS.
In addition to these graffitis, the artist has also been, in the summer of 2017, in Rua das Flores (Porto) painting and selling his spray paintings. In December 2017, he was invited by Porto Lazer to the urban art market. In March 2018, he had his first solo exhibition at Dedicated Store Porto. In May 2019, he inaugurated his second solo exhibition called ‘Shhh!’ at Suuuper (Porto).

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