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Kerri McCabe

Oregon City, OR

"Enchanting with color in the Pacific Northwest"
I have always found my voice in the arts. I am so thankful that I had a mom that nurtured my interests and always made sure I had lots of art supplies. I spent long hours drawing and painting to my hearts happiness. As a younger artist I detailed color pencil and watercolor works. But later in life I found abstract expressionism as a more direct and freer way of conveying my love and wonder of the amazing, mystical, wonderful world of the Pacific Northwest where I have always made my home.

I begin with stream of consciousness mark making. I want to record my emotional engagement with a subject, rather than creating a visual representation of a particular place or thing. As the work progresses, it is as if I am in conversation with the paint and substrate, responding to the previous array of marks, discussing what to bring forward, what to leave behind, where to add the details and what colors to use.

Though I no longer work in realism, I feel the intimacies I made with the subjects I focused on in my earlier years still informs my work. I know these subjects so I can make marks with confidence. But I am moving past the surface of our acquaintances in the past to a deeper relationship as I seek to bring forward the wonder and mystery that surrounds even the smallest songbird, or a blueberry held in your hand. In fact this mystery and my continual exploration of the wonder of all existence that is the true subject of all my work. I expect it will keep me busy for quite a long time.

I have sold over a thousand paintings online and off. I have shipped all over the world, been represented by retail companies like Crate and Barrel and been in a few galleries. My biggest joy is working with my clients one on one. I feel those are the ones who are also finding joy and mystery in the same things I do. My people.
Wescover creator since 2020

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