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Need Signs Will Paint

Boston, MA

"Sign Painting & Visual Art by Kenji Nakayama"
Kenji Nakayama is originally from Hokkaido, Japan. A mechanical engineer by education, Nakayama made a significant life change in 2004 with a move to Boston, Massachusetts to study traditional sign painting and to dedicate his time and energy to art-making. Nakayama's diverse practice ranges from careful pinstriping and gilded lettering to hand-cut, multi-layered stencil paintings. Each intricately carved stencil painting is a unique manifestation of documenting and responding to the environment surrounding him, and often takes months to complete. His work serves as a personal diary of experience and influence, and his process can be described as a balance between meditation and highly-trained craftsmanship.
Besides his commercial sign work and murals in local area and beyond, Nakayama's work has been shown internationally
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