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Kelly Thorn

Brooklyn, NY

My name is Kelly Thorn, and I am a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in hand-poked tattoos, graphic art, illustration, and lettering.

I’m working out of Greenpoint-based Welcome Home Studio, giving hand-poked tattoos alongside Tea Leigh, Kelli Kikcio, Krista Morgenson, Michelle Marie, and Evan Paul English.

Something I find wonderful about working in this medium is the opportunity to meet and connect with people. A tattoo is oftentimes a beautiful and cathartic experience, and I love to be there to witness it and hear about what my clients are learning about themselves.

I am also a graphic designer and illustrator at Charles&Thorn in the Pencil Factory. My partner Spencer and I specialize in branding, type design, lettering, and illustration.

Hand-poked tattoos are applied by using a tattoo needle held with the hand. This process is a bit less traumatic to the skin than using a tattoo machine, resulting in a slower application process, a quicker healing time, and a slightly more stippled line quality than a machine tattoo. It’s also a quieter experience, which allows us to have a conversation, which is a nice time.
Wescover creator since 2019

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