Kelly Quinn - Paintings and Murals
Kelly Quinn

Kelly Quinn

Kissimmee, FL

Hello fellow nature lovers, My name is Kelly Quinn! I’m a wildlife educator & artist, co-founder of Paint for the Wild, and the Artist in Residence at The Florida Aquarium!

My mission as an artist is to connect you to conservation through the power of art and to inspire the protection of the amazing world we are so lucky to call home. I believe we all care for our wild spaces and when we see how incredible our planet is, we have all the motivation we need to make more sustainable choices so our grandchildren can enjoy it too.

From a young age I spent my time kayaking, hiking and exploring everything wild, and I began to draw it all in order to understand it. Over time I began to see the problems our home faces, and I wanted to do my part to create a beautiful future between man and nature. Because of this, every artwork sold is a donation to local conservation causes like the Center for Conservation, Shark Education, and the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Through education and love, we can be the community our planet needs. Join me on this journey by subscribing to the Newsletter, or through patronage!

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