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Kelly Clause

Santa Barbara, CA

"all things wild & free"
Born in Santa Barbara, California, into a family of naturalists, fishermen, and marine biologists, Kelly has been raised to love and appreciate the outdoors.
With a background in international development and elementary education, Kelly’s pursuit of art has been a melding of her passion for creativity, education, and the natural world.

"Nature cannot be contained, captured, or defined, yet I always find myself wanting to touch it, hold it, recreate it. Saltwater swells and living creatures alike contain a sort of wild mystery that I believe all humanity craves. When we transfer our gaze from screens and schedules to the wild eye of nature, we are often filled with a healthy dose of bewildered humility.

With spontaneous but deliberate brushstrokes, I endeavor to reflect a balance of wild whimsy and intentional design with my art. My work spills from my insatiable fascination with the natural world, and a desire to inspire a similar curiosity and awe in my viewers."
Wescover creator since 2019

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