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Keiichi RTanaka

Saitama, Japan

"When fired, the clay can stop the moment and permanently retain an expression of time passing and dissolving - one thing that has allured me for so long in managing the material of clay. My vases were created with an image of folk instruments hung on the walls of old houses or farm houses. I believe the metallic glaze I chose to use is very effective to express such an atmosphere. To some extent, the shapes of my works also have been inspired by those tools and agricultural instruments, however, what I want to realize is the functional beauty of them - beauty of an inevitability the functional elements of those tools have. The metallic texture has not only sharpness but also an oozing softness only the ceramics can produce, contributing to a different attraction from the real metal. My tableware is supposed to be used in our daily life.As I myself love cooking, I'd calculate the best-suited situation for each of my tableware when producing, considering their usefulness and visual attraction when they are filled with foods. With my works, I want to produce a texture preserving its natural softness of clay, provoking somewhat nostalgic, heart-warming feeling."
While producing, I always imagine my creations would blend in our day-to-day life.Through my works, I want to express an atmosphere that makes you feel some sort of "time accumulation," - objects that seem to exist from long, longtime ago.
I always hope that vases and tableware that I make would promote a little bit richer, more comfortable life of ours.
I have been strongly fascinated with the beauty of functioning objects, and shapes produced by the objects when they are used.
I always want to make an artwork whose form would offer a glimpse of its background, suggesting a presence based on its inevitability.
Wescover creator since 2020

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