Katya Krupko

Washington, DC

"Katya Krupko started her art career when she was just a child. Born in a historic city of Kaliningrad on the shores of the Baltic Sea, she progressed from viewing gorgeous landscapes to making sketches in the open air like impressionists and post-impressionists who she so dearly admires. At the age of seven, she enrolled into Kaliningrad Art School and eight years later graduated it with honors. Over the years spent in Kaliningrad, a historical city that was the capital of East Prussia for almost 700 years and later part of German territory and the USSR, she developed a deep appreciation for architecture. The unusual combination of architectural German heritage and Russian culture of her native city influenced her outlook on the world and, later on, her art. To pursue her developed passion, she enrolled into Moscow State University of Technology and Management, where she studied architectural design. While taking the classes she kept on pursuing her passion for fine arts and created a group "Footsteps on the sand," an artistic collective which travelled with various exhibitions in Russia and participated in a number of international projects in Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden. Her passion for everything that is art has recently brought her to the US, where she is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design in Washington, DC. While in DC she has participated in a number of shows and exhibitions, and is currently part of Art Soiree's official team of artists. "

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