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Katundu Likoma


Katundu was founded in 2006 by Suzie Lightfoot with the objective of empowering women through artisanal training and a sustainable income. Run by Lisa Njakale and Phillirani Mwase, our current workshop reflects this vision by employing a permanent team of 32 artists, about 75% of whom are ladies related to the local orphan program (single mothers and orphan-carers). We are firm believers in the power of job creation to alleviate poverty. Jobs provide a sustainable income whilst also instilling pride, dignity, and purpose, giving people the skills and knowledge to improve their own circumstances. Our focus on sustainability is not limited to creating a sustainable form of income in Malawi; we place as much importance on the impact of our products themselves. Combining ethical production with recycled and sustainable materials - whilst also maintaining an emphasis on quality - has resulted in an innovative and diverse product range.
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