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Kathryn Crawford Art

Kathryn Crawford Art

Asheville, NC

Kathryn grew up in Connecticut, where she spent her childhood enforcing her love and passion for art, from raiding her father's art supplies to taking advanced placement high school classes. In college, Kathryn traveled to Florence, Italy to study art at the Florence University of the Arts. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Tampa in 2011. Since then, Kathryn has exhibited her work in North Carolina, California, Florida, and elsewhere, including “Collectors Choice” in Camarillo, California.

For the past number of years, Kathryn has been working back and forth from large scale to studio work; from aerosol being my primary medium, to acrylic. She is focused on the physical action of painting, and the aspect of problem solving within a piece to achieve a vision. She is exploring abstracted realism, and implementing multiple techniques into one piece. She is exploring the way they interact with each other, and how she can make parts of a composition fade, while other parts stand out. She strives to create as much depth within one piece as possible. This gives her a freedom in the process that allows me to start with gestural movements, working intuitively, to develop and bring forward a finished piece.

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