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Dublin, Ireland

Kathrina Rupit, is a visual artist living between Dublin, Ireland and Tulum, Mexico. Born in the north of Mexico, Kathrina graduated from the University of Visual Arts in Nuevo Leon.

Kathrina began painting murals in the early part of her life, travelling widely and learning from the many cultures, ethnicities and landscapes which she experienced during this time. Settling in Dublin, she has since become a prominent figure in Ireland’s street art scene. She founded the Minaw Collective; an all-female street art collective, the first of its kind in the country.

Kathrina’s application of vibrant colours, female subjects and open emotionalism is almost always paired with a nod to her Mexican heritage, offering visual reminders which represent the importance of the artist’s ancestry to her identity. Themes of peace, spirituality and self-empowerment are frequent in Kathrina’s work. She creates art across various mediums - digital, oil, acrylic, spray-paint and collage.

As an artist, KinMx’s motivations are focused on environmental conservation and sustainability. She is actively implementing greener choices across her practice, from seeking alternative paint options & natural materials to conscious waste reduction. Her commitment as an artist is towards realising a more sustainable creative future for the next generation.

She has collaborated with Greenpeace International, Amnesty International, United Nations and Street Art For Mankind. KinMx’s work has been exhibited in both group & solo exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Kathrina is currently building an artist residency in Tulum. It will focus on the exchange of sustainable practices and knowledge from indigenous and native communities to future generations of artists and makers.
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