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Kate Succar is Will o' The Wisp Design

Sydney, Australia

"Enchanting spaces... one wall at a time!"
Growing up I was a natural artist and instantly took to fantasy and surrealist art (favourites being Salvador Dali and Maurits Cornelis Escher). I loved ISpy and Graeme Base books which embodied highly detailed scenes full of wonder! Fantastical books such as Harry Potter and The Hobbit were also childhood favourites of mine and played a major role in my love of fantasy. These fantastical inspirations started the foundation for Will o’ The Wisp wallpapers and the direction I would take my designs.

I also design more conventional wallpapers and have a growing business in bespoke and custom made wall murals for specific purposes. For example I recently completed a bespoke wallpaper design for a new age cafe in Belmore, Sydney.

For bespoke wallpaper designs I research the client, the space, the overall message to be achieved and then adapt my artistic talents to create a balance of these things in an innovative and unconventional way.

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