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Kate M Mudd Ceramics

Portland, OR

"It's a job requirement to finish my day overed in clay, that's how I know I'm putting all of myself into my work"
My name really is Mudd, I promise, it's just a wonderful and serendipitous coincidence that I am also a production potter. Based in Portland Oregon, I spend my days covered in clay.

I love everything about this medium, the mess, the patience, and the awareness it requires, they all teach me something new everyday. And through it all, there is something so special and rewarding in knowing that in this process I am making a piece that will become part of somebody else's life, and somebody else's narative. My goal as a designer and as a maker is to create objects that can be enjoyed everyday, and bring a sense of stillness and peace to a moment.
Wescover creator since 2020

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