Kate Decicco - Murals and Art & Wall Decor
Kate Decicco
Kate Decicco

Kate Decicco

Washington, DC

"My work is driven by my interests in equity, mental health, humor, community building and of course a passion for the activity of art-making. Making art with people in locked spaces like mental institutions, prisons and juvenile detention centers is important to me. I think delivering meaningful arts education to young people is a tool for coping, improving self-esteem, developing confidence and connection. Any chance I have to support another person to discover their inherent creativity and the joy of making something with their hands brings me great satisfaction.

Murals have become a cornerstone of my practice because they can transform spaces to better reflect the strength and identity of a community as a modality for counter-narrative, resistance & celebration.

My curriculum can be adapted to after school programs & as part of cultural organizing strategies. "
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