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Kat Hutter & Roger Lee - Art
Kat Hutter & Roger Lee
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Kat Hutter & Roger Lee

Los Angeles, CA

"We are Kat Hutter and Roger Lee, a collaborative endeavor as partners and artists working in Northeast Los Angeles. We met in graduate school in South Carolina studying painting and ceramics. Our work is really a continuing story of our lives as artists, and projects influenced by living in the South, Portland, Lake Tahoe, the Midwest and now L.A. We love the grit, passion, and dedication the Angelenos have for “the creative lifestyle” and feel it is the right place to be for what we are doing. After a lot of research and development, we decided it was time to put K&R out into the world. It is a labor of love, combining classic shapes and graphic surface patterns with earthy natural clay textures. We are influenced every day by the California lifestyle and the vibrant city of L.A, and are always looking for ways to broaden our experiences."