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Karoline Schleh

New Orleans, LA

"Within each of my pieces, I include my unique longhand backwards script, an element I have continued to explore since my early training as a printmaker. Many of my works also include "fumage", smoke, as my drawing medium. I often combine these methods with other media to create a reflective space and depth in my compositions."
Schleh’s reversed handwriting developed from her training as a printmaker initially out of necessity. Schleh began writing backwards onto her copper etching plates in order for the words to print forwards in the final print. Eventually, the print plates were abandoned and the handwriting reversals began to stand on their own in her drawings and paintings. While the words can (for the most part) be deciphered in a mirror, it is not important to the final work to know what is written. The intention is to convey the reflective mindset that comes from writing, and how words, information, and styles are impermanent and shift through time.

Schleh received her BFA from Tulane in 1990. As an undergraduate at Newcomb she studied painting and drawing. In 1994 she received an MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University, and subsequently went to work with the Vinalhaven Press in Maine, where she had the opportunity to work with master printers editioning for Robert Indiana, Alison Saar, and Jose Bedia. Schleh continued edition printing at Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking workshop in New York City, where she collaborated with other artists and writers. Schleh is represented by Ann Connelly Fine Art in Baton Rouge and by Callan Contemporary in New Orleans. She has artwork in the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana State Museum, and The New Orleans Arts Council, as well as in numerous private collections. She has received grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation, and Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.
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