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Karine Andriasyan

Moscow, Russia

"Expressing Beauty of a Moment"
Karine Andriasyan is an artist from Moscow, Russia. She was born in 1967, grew up and got higher education in Yerevan, Armenia, and then moved to Moscow, Russia in 1993. Karine has traveled a lot in Europe and other countries. She speaks fluent English.

After quitting an office job, Karine started to try various creative activities including painting which she loved doing as a child. She seeks beauty in everyday things and tries to express it on paper or canvas. Her favorite media are watercolor and acrylics. This is what she says about working with these media, her inspiration and approach:

"We see the world around us and sometimes we take it for granted. I want to capture those beautiful moments, the way the light falls on surfaces, contrasting with cool colors of shadows, dramatic or soothing colors of nature and harmony of man-made objects within the landscape, energy and dynamic life of a large city or an atmosphere of small towns.
To be able to express all that, I have been learning from the best artists from different countries, studying the basics from scratch, and at the same time, trying to develop my own voice.
I do not seek to reflect the ugly truth or pain that also exists in our life in abundance. Instead, I want to focus on happy moments. This is my mission, to make you stop and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around, to evoke happy memories from childhood, and charge your heart with positive emotions and kindness.

Karine regularly participates in exhibitions, art shows and international contests, both live and online. A number of her works are in private collections around the world, in the USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia and Armenia.

Please, follow Karine on Instagram at or on facebook at You can also find more of her works on the portfolio website
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