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Karin Lowney-Seed

Sparta, NJ

"I am visually stimulated by everything."
I love to discover a fresh way into how I see things and I am always in search of an opening or perhaps a little accident that becomes a way to interpret life and it's elements in a different light or perspective. In my recent work I have chosen to use Nature as my muse - using the hardness and softness of nature as my structure.

My access into landscapes started with my language series which opened up a world I had not yet seen before. Through this process of splashing words loosely across a canvas and filling in the voids with color to create water and landscapes, I developed a gesture type movement that allowed me a shorthand into a previously unknown world.

The recent works shown here are an example of that gesture movement. Although the tulip is created fast and loose, it is painstaking colored in layers to flatten out the surface creating a dichotomy of hard and soft elements. I have been working on the hard and soft, flat and loose components of my work and merging them together as a constructive basis in the work. This is my current thought process as I nurture my way through the elements of nature to express myself. Color and nature speak to me in everything is see as expressed in the Forest, Water and Tulips.
Wescover creator since 2020

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