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Karimah Hassan

London, United Kingdom

"Taking stories full circle; from the city to the canvas and back again."
“My intention is to showcase the subject and the community that they represent. I believe it’s important to shine a light on the spaces in London where we can come together, to simply ‘be’ and create.I aim to inspire my audience to explore places and spaces where they can find a sense of belonging.”

A visual artist with an expressive and bold aesthetic, I am known for ‘taking stories full circle, from the canvas to the streets’. An architect by trade and a painter by profession, I’m interested at the intersection of art, place making and community engagement.

By documenting London’s ‘DIY community gatekeepers’ as abstract figure paintings both in galleries and on commissioned walls, I capture London’s dancers, poets, musicians, athletes and trailblazers who may otherwise go unnoticed.

“ Karimah takes stories full circle, from the canvas to the streets.”

A pivotal aspect of my practice involves hosting ‘community showcase teasers’ under the disguise of an exhibition. In a curated line up, I exhibit paintings alongside poetry readings, open-mic sessions, live jazz and even football matches. In this way, I combine the artwork, the painting subject, and community members together in one space.
Wescover creator since 2019

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