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Lyon, France

It is at the heart of several collectives—the ACC, Les 3 barons, and BLAST—that Kalouf builds his artistic identity—in contact with mural painters, graphic designers, and visual artists.

From collaborative projects to solo works, through experimentation (in sculpture, anamorphosis, videomapping ...), he perfectly masters his favorite tool: the spray can! This medium allows him to deftly switch from large murals to the creation of more modestly sized works suitable for galleries. He refines his skills by realizing creations of unprecedented dimensions and by using items borrowed from the street, such as cardboard boxes, fences, and wooden panels, to create pieces of art in unusual locations.

Due to his early years in Gabon, he not only keeps a sincere and pronounced appreciation for Africa’s art and culture, but also for its incredible wildlife. He uses these as symbols for the rejection of our so-called modern societies. This recurring, underlying theme reveals an activist dimension to his work, encouraging discourse about the harmful and irresponsible errors of our contemporaries. Furthermore, his “savage” works are reminiscent of his artistic debut, when he created art in the street under the cover of night, straddling the line between legality and vandalism.

Hip-hop culture and the world of American comics also serve as one of his sources of inspiration, granting his work a tangy pop spirit. Today, the diverse compositions of his work, sometimes fantastic, sometimes hyperrealistic, lead the artist to mix scrupulous attention to detail with the rawer side of graphic graffiti. If certain works appear to exude from the wall creations, other works are much more contrasted. These art pieces, developed over time, which surprise by their diversity, also reveal Kalouf’s passion for his art.

His rather discreet personality contrasting with his often explosive or poignant pieces, the artist uses his outdoor work to interact with passers-by and curious onlookers. Creating in open environments attracts attention, questions, and elicits reactions, which provides Kalouf with the fuel he needs to further his goal of giving purpose and meaning to public spaces.
Wescover creator since 2019

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