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Kaitlyn Heriford

Lansing, MI

I am an abstract painter calling Lansing, Michigan, home.

I love watching sunsets along Lake Michigan knowing the water and sky won’t ever look the same, people who speak life and love into my soul and getting to do the same for them, going out of my way to appreciate the beauty of flowers and greenery, and taking quiet walks where every breath in and out can be fully felt and fully appreciated. I love light, and where there is light, there is life.

I dreamed of becoming an artist as a young girl, and I could never let that dream go as it filled my days throughout grade school and college, continuing into today - and I wouldn't change a thing about that.

In 2017, I graduated from Michigan State University with two arts degrees, because of course my artist heart couldn't be satisfied with only one. I received a BA in Arts and Humanities, as well as a BFA in Studio Art with a 1st concentration in painting, 2nd in ceramics, and minor in Graphic Design. My time there helped to push me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to experiment, transform, grow, and ultimately find my voice - my language - as an artist.

And still, I see how this language of mine is endlessly impacted by my life’s circumstances. I see how it transforms to reflect truths I need to rest in and truths I need to proclaim. While throughout my youth and in college I maintained a sense of realism within my work, I now paint completely abstract as a way of fully choosing and sharing the joy of freedom in creativity - and in life.

Today you’ll most often find me painting in my studio at the Potter’s Mill Artist Lofts in Lansing, creating work inspired by light in all its forms and finding purpose in daily life. My sweet pup, Luna, tags along in my studio sometimes just for fun, and I tend to stay just late enough in the evenings to watch the sunset.

I am grateful for this life, and I am grateful for all the ways paint allows me to share about this life.
Wescover creator since 2020

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