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Justin Lovato - Street Murals and Public Art
Justin Lovato
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Justin Lovato

Grass Valley, CA

"Born in 1986 and still residing in California, I am a self taught artist. I was encouraged from a young age to draw and create, and I never stopped.

My work reaches towards a theory of chromatic vibration through the discord of contrasting images. These images are linked together through an optic pattern, or a warped tessellation, to bring forth a harmonious outcome. Multidimensional patterns are interlaced with psychedelic landscapes and strange, abstract forms. The melding together of these images creates a metaphysical cosmology through a dance of contrasting phenomena. Inter-playing images make a perceptual abstraction, creating an extra-dimensionality in the work. A subtle landscape becomes a bursting, radiant field of optic vibration. This triad of imagery grasps at form and formlessness, like the ineffable and temporal experience of an ecstatic state.

I am inspired by the atomic soup of the natural universe, particularly the Earth’s bio computer that we are privileged to be occupying. I’m under the influence of a bewilderment that is conjured up by the purest art forms found in nature as patterns, bifurcating ratios of plant growth, or clouds creating light swirling sunset skies. The realization of the micro and macro existing simultaneously. I hope to stimulate and inspire by creating a node of beauty among the aesthetic of nature.”