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Julz Clementine

Portland, OR

I am a designer + illustrator living out my dreams in Portland, Oregon.

My colorful paintings, illustrations and patterns are full of whimsical characters
and sincere messages to inspire peace, creativity, and teaching moments.

A few of my favorite things have always been creating, crafting, rainbows + finding simple beauty in the everyday. During the expanse of my career over the past
20 years, I have worked as an illustrator, a graphic designer, an art director in advertising, an art director in apparel and in-store graphics, creator of my own products, and a children’s art teacher.

I love drawing with pen + ink and enjoy painting with gouache. I often bring my
hand-drawn pieces onto the computer to complete a pattern, recipe or illustration that will later end up on a product.

My most recent work includes seed packet surprises in kid’s meals at Burgerville restaurants, illustrations for a book with Storey Publishing, and the design of
a helmet for Nutcase.
Wescover creator since 2020

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