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Julian Voss-Andreae

Portland, OR

“Contemporary technology is ushering in a new era for sculpture, comparable perhaps only to the invention of metal casting during antiquity. In my work, I draw cutting-edge approaches from very diverse fields to reimagine the ancient art of figurative sculpture. My goal is to convey elements of our spiritual essence and open our eyes to the miraculous nature of the underlying nature of reality.

I started out as a painter in my youth and later switched to physics. I studied at the universities of Berlin and Edinburgh, and did my graduate research participating in a seminal experiment probing the foundations of quantum physics in one of the world's leading research groups at the University of Vienna. My science training enables me to take advantage of the latest technologies to achieve my artistic visions. But most importantly, my firsthand experience of the enigmatic nature of reality has provided me with key cultural insights, informing my path ever since.

Contrary to our strongly held prejudices about the workings of the universe, there simply is no ‘reality’ out there that is independent of us. Similarly, the divide we perceive between us and the rest of our world turns out to be an illusion. Ultimately, we cannot separate ourselves from each other and the rest of the universe, both in a physical sense as well as when it comes to our actions. My work is a reminder of our fundamental connectedness, giving tangible expression to the vital paradigm shift from Newtonian separation to a renewed connection with Nature.”

Julian Voss-Andreae (born 15 August 1970) is a German sculptor based in Portland, Oregon.
Wescover creator since 2018

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What is your favorite material to work with?

"I currently work mostly with stainless steel and even though I have a mixed relationship to this very recent and cold material it is amazing stuff: It can be used outdoors in many climates, it sparkles in the sun, it reflects the colors of its environment. You can build pretty much anything you want from stainless steel since it has structural properties that are optimally suited to hold up against gravity as well as the weather, and the technology of constructing pretty much anything out of it and cutting it is well-established and available."
Julian Voss-AndreaeJulian Voss-Andreae

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"I want people to find my work beautiful and be intrigued by it. I want them to get a sense of awe, hopefully almost like the sense we get when we look at nature, when it blows your mind with its beauty and that hard-to-put-into-words sense you get that there is a deeper meaning. I love it when people feel compelled to interact with my works."
Julian Voss-AndreaeJulian Voss-Andreae

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