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Julia Faber

Vienna, Austria

Julia Faber is a Vienna based fine artist, specialized in sarcastic, hyperrealistic oil paintings in combination with ink drawing.

Sustained by the intensity and impeccability of hyperrealistic painting, Julia Faber’s work often takes us into a grotesque and surreal world. However, perfection and discipline, pushing the limits of norms and taboos, are also Faber’s main theme, unless mythology or other historical hints play a vital role. These references are always balanced with the present, as generally a combination of old and new provides a kind of bracket for Faber’s work. This also includes the important element of drawing counteracting her often dense oil painting, as well as an archive of texts and documents which are not only important research material but also integrated into her works.

Faber’s disciplining devices revolve around well-being through health and beauty and about prohibition and rules. The doubling or pairing of persons in her work are measures of urgency introducing a temporal dimension and bring the archival material to mind. In the presentation of her paintings, Faber frequently combines drawings and texts in this sense. These quotes often serve the artist as support for her issues. Making do with a few words, they provide a brief introduction or push the viewer, to see or interpret something. The search for perfection, which is generally played out as an option in the paintings, is an issue raised from various sides. Regardless of how Faber circles her subject by bringing up aspects for discussion, there is one thing that is out of the question: that, as concerns painting, perfection is always and at all times an absolute requirement.
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