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Julea Boswell Art Studio

Ottawa, Canada

"Colour, movement and joy are my springboards for creation ignited by a mix of imagination, memory and emotion."
"Artistic expression has always been a part of my life—drawing, painting, dance, music, figure skating, and textile arts have all played a part. Before working solely as a visual artist, I enjoyed a career that began in dance, moved into becoming an arts and cultural planning strategist, and later manager of an award-winning dance company. Meanwhile, I found a new outlet for my own artistry as a modern quilt designer-maker, with my work being juried into a national show. I’m a multidisciplinary artist at heart. While involved in dance, I also worked on costume designs, continued to sketch and paint and started making functional quilts. As other things in life took over, I set aside my painting but knew I would eventually come back to it.

Having grown up on beautiful Prince Edward Island, the look and feel of my art is often awash with expressions of weather and water. I have also lived in Ottawa, Berlin, Edmonton, Toronto, the Saguenay, and Utah. Such varied cultural and physical landscapes fill my memory bank with persistent references to sense of place and identity. What interests me is how they all blend together and become part of my art in intangible and unpredictable ways.

I am lucky to now split my time between two homes with inspirational water views—one In my home province of PEI and the other near the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario."

I am a Theatre School grad (dance major), hold an MBA, and am now working part-time towards a BFA in Visual Art. My art is in private collections in Canada, Germany, Myanmar, and the US.
Wescover creator since 2020

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